BBK bio airclean removes obnoxious smell at Ribe Biogas

During the expansion of the biogas plant, Ribe Biogas,  BBK bio airclean was chosen as supplier of the new odour removal system.

Ribe Biogas was established in 1990 and was originally the largest thermophilic plant in the world and for many years it demonstrated a stabile production and high degree of operational reliability. The biogas plant has expanded several times and was ready to double its production from 2016 and at the same time the biogas was upgraded to natural gas and distributed in existing pipelines.

Strict environmental requirements had to be fulfilled in order to get the permission to expand, and an ambitious management wanted to use the best available proven technology.

“As we are situated close to the historic town of Ribe, we had to ensure that no foul air from our plant would cause nuisance down town. We chose BBK for the job as they are well known for installing highly efficient biofilters.  The filter was installed inside an existing building and the assigned job was done really well and with great service and support afterwards.  We can therefore recommend BBK as supplier of air treatment system”.

Claus Mikkelsen, director, Ribe Biogas.

Project planning and dimensioning of air treatment system was a close cooperation between owner and consultants.  BBK appreciated an open minded and professional  dialog in order to construct and implement the best solution.

Finally, an advanced tailor made biofilter installation was handed over to Ribe Biogas, within budget and time frame.  The capacity is large enough for smaller future expansions.


Capacity: 225.000 tonnes biomass/year
Production: 8,5 mio m3 biogas/year

Filter capacity: 21.500 m3/hour
Demand of max immission of 10 OU/m3 at a distance of 200 m is easily fulfilled. 

Biofilter complete,  built-in inside a discharge building.
Incl. pre-treatment filter, fans, ducting and humidifyer. 

Dimensions of biofilters:
Footprint: 164 m2,   total height: 4 m.

Life time: 8 – 15 years depending on cleaning efficiency and particles in inlet air. No replacement of biomedia needed at the interim.


We make sure that obnoxious smell from the industry is removed and we comply with rules and regulation from local authorities.  Since 1992 BBK has delivered and installed many biofilters for biogas-, compost-, waste water treatment-, rendering plants  etc throughout Europe.  Top quality advanced biofilters for efficient odour removal for each and every client is our aim and goal.

Here is a selection of our typical clients (check for more at our website):

NGF Nature Energy, Holsted, Biogas, Denmark
Essex Waste Treatment, Composting facility, England
Marine Harvest Fishfeed, Fish food industry, Norway
Billund Vand, Biogas, Denmark,
Ecoparc Composting facility, Spain
MEC BioGas, Denmark