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1) Air flow is fed in at the bottom

and the air is pressed upwards and out of the plant
2) Slatted floor with 15 cm Leca nuts
the filter medium is not degraded and does not become inactive
3) BBK biofilter inoculated with microorganisms
moistened by an irrigation system and providing maximum removal of odorants

The technology behind

How a biofilter works

A slatted floor is mounted on a concrete floor with a plastic mesh on top, with 15 cm of Leca laid on top of this and finally 1 m3 BBK biofilter material per m2 on top. The biofilter material is inoculated with selected microorganisms. Sprinkler systems are installed to moisten the filter. The airflow with odorants is fed in at the bottom and pressed upwards and out as completely fresh air.

The temperature in the biofilter is maintained at an optimal 15-35 degree Celsius, which provides maximum purification effect and ensures that the active microorganisms effectively break down odorants.

Unlike many other biofilters, a BBK filter cannot be degraded and become inactive. Before the filter is inoculated with the specific microorganisms, we carry out a heat treatment that completely eliminates unwanted seeds, germs and other microorganisms. This ensures optimum odour elimination.

The degree of purification is exceptional

BBK delivers Top of Class
up to 99.8% odour removal

Animal rendering - Norsk Protein Hamar
Biogas - Ribe Biogas

We continuously measure our plants to ensure optimal cleaning.
The degree of purification varies from industry to industry – from 99.8% purification at Norsk Protein Hamar to 93.3%.


BBK delivers different types of biofilters varying in size and design so they match all industries. They can be scaled up and down as needed. Space for the biofilter is often a challenge. Based on the customer’s wishes and space, we ensure the biofilter building is adapted to the best conditions.

Building - biogas, Denmark

When establishing the biofilter, there was a regulatory requirement for the biofilter to be divided into three sections. This means that air can still be cleaned in the filter during service and new filter material.

Concrete tanks - animal feed, Denmark

The biofilter is built in two slurry tanks with a PVC cover. A centre column and air pressure keep the cover expanded. The pre-filter is placed in a building at the front.

Cassette - fish farming, Norway

The biofilter is built in a cassette of sandwich elements as a plug-and-play solution.

Concrete building - animal rendering plant, Denmark

The biofilter is placed in a building adapted to space conditions and therefore widest at one end. Built in concrete elements with PVC cover. A centre column and air pressure keep the cover expanded.

Sections - sewage treatment plant, Sweden

The biofilter is built in-between two precipitation tanks with the filter divided into two sections. The inside of the biofilter is pictured.