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Farmfood specialises in recycling offal from poultry rendering plants for specific use – in particular for the pet food industry in addition to biogas plants. Production is continuously expanded. Heat-treated offal from animal rendering plants has a pronounced smell that can be difficult to fully remove in mechanical or chemical filters.

Proximity to the town of Løgstør means there are strict requirements for the emission of odorants. The environmental authorities demand a maximum of 10 LE at the plant and 5 LE at its boundary area and carry out annual inspections.


Pre-filter: 10.000 m3 /h
Biofilter: 116.000 m3 /h


Bioproducts from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian poultry animal rendering plants are processed at two production plants

Filter capacity

The pre-filter handles a partial current of up to 10,000 m3 /h with high hydrogen sulphide concentrations. The level of hydrogen sulphide is reduced in the prefilter and then mixed with other air which is led to the biofilter. The biofilter is sized to 116,000 m3 /h, with the option of optimising up to 130,000 m3 /h. The biofilter is built in two tanks with a total area of 1,012m2


Pre-filter: 240 m2
Biofilter: 1.012 m2


The biofilter material at Farmfood is expected to have a lifespan of > 10 years

“It’s difficult to remove odours from heat-treated animal offal which gives off many different odorants. With our BBK biofilters, we have found a safe solution with a broad spectrum that effectively removes all odours from production, ensuring great satisfaction among the plants neighbours. BBK performs monthly service visits to the plant and checks cleaning performance and ensures that we meet all environmental standards. Filter systems are built by BBK as a turnkey contract and they have always supplied a quality product at the agreed price.”

Jens Kristensen, Technical Manager

Farmfood has urban production in Løgstør and has successively expanded the factory. The special conditions with heat-treated offal from animal rendering place big demands on odour filters. They must have a broad operational spectrum in order to avoid causing nuisance for the neighbours. Throughout the years, BBK has supplied biofilters that will clean up to 100,000 m3 of air/hour. With precise flashing and extraction, they ensure that all odours are removed effectively inside the plant.