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Advice on establishing the project

Specific services

for consulting engineers from BBK:

Idea phase

sparring about pitfalls, regulatory requirements, neighbour complaints and barriers due to odours

Assessment of project proposals

analyses - consequences - OML calculations

Input for drawing and design

PI diagrams, drawings and sizing

Proofreading of project presentations

QA of requirement specifications


Consulting engineers are often valued by other specialists in the early idea phase of a project requiring air purification – measured in costs and progress. BBK supplies knowledge and data that ensures that the engineer delivers a quality product on time and on budget.

For major projects with air purification within the fishing industry, biogas, wastewater, composting, etc., an engineer must be certain that the project is carried out as agreed. There are many stakeholders in play with their own interests.

“We are typically asked about max. load with hydrogen sulphide, pressure loss over the filter, max. temperature in the input air and cleaning effect. Often before the design phase begins, because the developer wants the greatest possible air purification effect.”

says Sales Manager at BBK, Jørgen Hansen

Idea phase
Kick-off workshop
uncover the extent of commissioning
Project proposal
Putting the team together
kick-off workshop
preparation of commissioning
Main project
Multidisciplinary scrutiny
professional scrutiny
planning of commissioning
Kick-off workshop
planning training courses for operators
Planning of tests and commissioning process
On-going follow-up on operating targets
implementation of performance test


Here we help to design and implement the best customer solution within the given framework. We have many years of experience in tailoring the right solution to the customer and always look for opportunities rather than limitations. We ensure compliance with air purification regulations. Do you have a specific project?


Public authorities enforce odour emission requirements for boundaries and specific locations, and this is the specialist knowledge that BBK can provide to ensure that projects are designed optimally. Chimney height, extraction, ventilation capacity and piping are concrete examples of data.


They are crucial with their specialist knowledge of sizing, plant conditions and construction. However, in biological processes there are often problems with odorants and the release of unwanted odours, and it is here that air purification is a crucial factor. This is BBK’s speciality.

We work closely with authorities and knowledge institutions and stay up-to-date with current knowledge and regulatory requirements.