FFV – wastewater

FFV collects wastewater in Fåborg Municipality and treats it in central treatment plants. Over time, several smaller plants have been closed and now use long pipelines with pumping stations to bring the wastewater to treatment. This has led to the formation of harmful hydrogen sulphide in the wiring. There have long been attempts to solve the problem with various chemical methods or carbon filters. It’s been costly, but hasn’t had much of an impact.

A particular problem is the large fluctuations in hydrogen sulfide formation called “peaks”, as high concentrations destroy odor filters and need to be smoothed out for effective cleaning. This requires effective mitigation and management of the plant’s biological processes.



2,000-14,000 m3 wastewater/day


8.5 million m3 biogas/year

Filter capacity

500 m3 air/hour


Pre-filter 5 sqm.
Biofilter 5 sqm.


Expected > 10 years

“For a long time, we were challenged by hydrogen sulphide emissions from a pumping station. Especially in the summer, unhappy neighbors complained about nasty smells. We tried various ways to solve the problem, but it was only with the help of measurements and equipment from BBK that we found a solution. They installed a pre-filter and a biofilter that has removed the vast majority of the odors. Once the system is fully broken in, we will probably use it elsewhere. BBK was very responsive and flexible in solving our problems.”

Arne Hansen, Operations Manager, FFV Fåborg Wastewater

Innovative biofilters

The biofilters at the Fåborg pumping station were installed in 2020 and are a new model from BBK with modular biofilters for decentralized systems. It was the precursor to a larger MUDP project that aims to minimize the environmental impact and costs of hydrogen sulphide formation in wastewater pipes. BBK’s role in the project is to scale down biofilters that can be efficiently used in smaller systems in conjunction with cloud-based control of the biological processes.

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