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Top of class biofilters remove all offensive odours
we refine the very best microorganisms and filter materials for optimal purification in many industries

INTO H2O and CO2

From its foundation in 1992, BBK has always been a company that specialises in biofilters. Our ambition was to further develop conventional biofilters and thereby become a leader in the industry.

In close collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology and other knowledge institutions, we have selected and refined the very best microorganisms and filter materials for effective, durable and replicable filter systems.

95-99 %
cleansing efficiency

Flexibility, reliability, efficiency and good business economy

We deliver by meeting the strict requirements that we have set for ourselves:

  • High purification effect
  • Long lifespan
  • Consistent and porous filter media
  • Optimal microbiological growth
  • Tolerant of variations of temperature and pH values
  • PH adjustment option
  • Able to handle shorter or longer shutdown periods
  • Option of controlling and regulating moisture content in the filter media

The requirements are part of the specific assessment when we advise customers and business partners and develop new products.

The market's most sustainable technology

  • Harmless filter material – that can be disposed of as sludge
  • Low water consumption compared to scrubbers and biotrickling filters
  • No chemical additives
    The water from the filters is relatively harmless and can be disposed of as ordinary wastewater
  • The water from the pre-filters is an exception, since pH is typically very low; can be neutralised before draining
  • The consumption of mains water can be significantly reduced with rainwater harvesting
  • The filter does not need to be regenerated, unlike activated charcoal
  • Modest electricity consumption. Low pressure drop means low requirement for ventilator performance
  • Long lifespan of filter systems reduces resource consumption and climate footprint

Our filter solutions contribute to sustainability


Constant development of biofilters

We continuously develop and optimise the biofilters and can now solve many different odour problems for a wide range of customers both at home and abroad.