BBK-biofilter versus traditional biofilter

BBK filter media Traditional filter media
Consists of: Completely composted organic material, Leca, Moler and other additives. Sphagnum, heather,  bark, wood chops, coconut fibres, grape stones, pine needles etc.
Counter pressure: Low during the entire lifetime Rising concurrently with the decomposition of the filter media
Air distribution: Constantly even distribution Uneven, formation of canals
Life time: 6 years-?? 1-3 years
Filter bed: Enclosed systems Open bed systems
Cleaning efficiency: High, typical >95%, constant Low, typical <75%, large variations
Biological activity: High biological activity. Large content of  specific odour-removing M.O. selected  for the individual type of industry Broad variety of micro-organisms, accidental, uncontrolled flora e.g. from activated sludge. Small percentage of odour- removing M.O.