How a BBK-biofilter works

On the concrete floor, a slatted floor is mounted. A layer of 15 cm expanded clay is evenly distributed. Op top a layer of 1 m BBK biomedia, inoculated with selected specific microorganisms for optimum odour removal, is installed.

A timer controlled water addition system provides the biomedia with correct moisture.

The foul air arrives from the bottom of the system and travel upwards. After approx 25 sec. the air is clean and is emitted through a stack.

Inlet air temperature is 15-35 deg C for max cleaning efficiency, but BBK filters also operate at lower temperature.

BBK filters differentiates from other biofilters as they cannot degrade and become inactive, which ensures high cleaning performance for many years.

BBK filter media has been pasteurised to eliminate fungi, weed seeds and bacteria prior to inoculation of specific microorganisms, selected according to the type of smell in question. This guarantees a very high cleaning efficiency for many years.