Biological odour removal with
BBK Biofilters

Remove obnoxious smells efficiently


Biological degrading in e.g. biogas-, wastewater-, fish- and rendering plants creates many different types of bad smell, which can be removed efficiently in BBK filters. We are specialists in eliminating problems caused by unpleasant types of smells, which is documented in more than 100 applications in Europe.

Risk of complaints from neighbors, local communities and environmental issues is a great barrier when building new plants, but by cooperating and using our knowledge and references, we can find and implement the best solution and document to local authorities that smell problems can be eliminated.

BBK filters have proved to solve big odor problems in many different applications in all sizes.


If you are interested to learn more about our filters and see what we can offer, we will be happy to hear from you.



√ Remove 95- 99,9% of bad smells
√ No complaints from neighbors.
√ Very long lifetime, typically 8-14 years
√ Low running costs
√ Reliable and efficient for many years.